Scalextric DJR Ford AU Falcon

Not an easy car to find. This is a 2003 Scalextric release of Steven Johnson’s 2002 Ford AU Falcon. It was in the first offering of four V8 Supercars from Scalextric.

2002 was the first year under the ‘V8 Supercar’ branding and the last for the DJR AU Falcons, switching to the BA in 2003. It wasn’t a great year for Ford, with only 2 round wins from 13 rounds. Johnson finished the year 14th in the Championship, a disappointing result having won 2 races in 2001.

That said, it’s a beautiful looking car, a variant of one of the best looking liveries in Australian motorsport.

The car was acquired in 2013, looks like it’s never been run. A second car for thrashing/racing also coming in 2013.

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